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Update Farmaajo not coming to Hargeisa, Somaliland


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Khaalid Foodaadhi also posted it so it must be true. Farmaajo will be the first Somalia President since Siad Bare to visit Hargeisa.



I hope this brings peace and much needed brotherly love back in to our nation. The only way forward is dialogue :)

Abiy Ahmed is definitely a blessed peacemaker, may god continue to assist him on his noble work.


Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak"
Something major is definitely cocking up behind the scenes. Inshallah it won’t be anything bad.
This is absolutely fake news.
They had a 40 minutes meeting and now they are meeting in Hargeysa? That's unrealistic. I am sure they agreed to something, but probably something minor, like beginning talks. This visit would mean either Somaliland accepts to become officially a federal state (Biixi will be hanged) or Somalia recognizes Somaliland (Farmaajo will be hanged).

But In case it is true, let's see which of them will be alive after next week.


this would be great news, SL legitimacy would be non existent, they will now be a federal state hopefully part of the 1p1v elections

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