Faaraxs, you want a woman like this?


Steel Magnolia
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You have no sense of humour obviously :) Being serious all the time is a downer. Life is too short for being a stuck up waryaa. This girl is too hilarious and knows what she is doing. Prolly got the hits she was looking for, for the ratings.
Waryaa? Since when?


Classy not Ashy, walaahi
Me readings these characterizations like.
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I'm noticing a trend. You're all gluttons for punishment and deeply yearn for a paternal figure to darbax you while in defenseless poses.
yareey maqal
isyeel-yeelka Jooji
u need to get hitched asap
unless u plan to enjoy your honeymoon whilst at the Dunfield Retirement Residents in T.dot
She wants to be sponsored financially and emotionally while she brings nothing of value to his life lol. If i ever sponsor a woman i am getting daily back rubs and hot food and she is never calling in sick.

x z

±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
Unlucky faarax, she is off the market ! I will miss her videos of finding a nin tho she was funny and cute 😂