Faaraxs, you want a woman like this?


No dictator can imprison a population forever.
She does not seem stable. She seems to be the type to claim to love you one minute and will be setting the house on fire the next
You don't need to make a public service announcement to inform the world that you are in high pursuit of a male breeding horse I mean Abdi (even if it's humorous). In fact, that sort of energy will certainly chase them away or worse make you a target for the wrong type of nimaan.
Breeding horse kulaha:dwill::mjlol:
She's on about all these women posing/acting like they don't want a guy but on the sly perv at guy pics and every conversation is about the types of guys in different areas.
All that craziness goes away once she gets a guy... so badly needs the D.
The mish mash somali and english is better than straight english cause then you can speak somali when you dont want others to hear

x z

±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
She’s literally said she’s been ran though by ajnabis, now she wants a farax to scoop her up and to live happily ever after in mareykan
lmao where did she state that first part saaxib.

and also doesnt she look a bit like AOC? the congresswomen? both have the crazy eyes look


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:urgh::whoa:She seems like the type that would stab you while you’re asleep because she’s having mood swings.:kanyehmm: