Faaraxs, you want a woman like this?


Price of the brick going UP
Women like her is why I push the #AntiSomalianWomen agenda. She spent the majority of her prime dating around and now she's turnt 30 she wants a nice Somali guy. I just want better for my akhis mannnnn.


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lmao where did she state that first part saaxib.

and also doesnt she look a bit like AOC? the congresswomen? both have the crazy eyes look
0:23 She’s feening to come to mareykan
0:45 ‘I’m out the cadaan field, I’m out the ajnabi field’
yeah she does kinda look like aoc lmao


She’s literally said she’s been ran though by ajnabis, now she wants a farax to scoop her up and to live happily ever after in mareykan
Not her specifically ally hell no she is too old for me lol. I meant the mannerism personality
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That wasn't the point. You claimed women over 22 were all used. I've noticed men who have shadey pasts or trust issues often make this claim.

As for preference. That's nice. When you are attractive you are also a preference. Also, I look better in my 30s than I did at 18. I looked like a preteen back then. Who tells you this stuff. Some Somalis age really slowly (not on cadaan timelines). Those with a better lifestyle even more so. My mother is wrinkless atm and is in her 60s.

Don't take him seriously, preference change over time. I wouldn't want to deal with your average 18 Yr old and even get annoyed dealing with some young adult in their early 20s these days.

Who knows how I would feel in my 30s
She is 36? Sounds about 24

I would advice the boys to keep it in their pants and not let their fellow doing the negotiating