NEWS End of the road for TPLF

‘Abiy Ahmed had to punish those seeking to break up Ethiopia’ – Djibouti President

Never new that dictatorhood is such strong political bond:what1: It seems that all the fascist dicators in the horn feel threatened by the incoming of popular uprisings in the horn.

All these regimes will collapse soon.
Ethiopian [Amhara] Human Rights Commission accused Tigrayan youth. :ftw9nwa:

Time for divorce.
The election board and the human rights commission are one of the few credible institutions that are seen as truly independent. Human rights commission is known for openly criticizing the Abiy government on many occasions. It is not your usual puppet organization.

And on the Mai-Kadra case, they sent a fact finding mission to Mai-Kadra and other neighboring towns, spoke to the victims and witnesses and have done their homework of conducting a preliminary investigation.

The report:

Amharic interview with the fact finding mission:
When they are used to killing ogaden civilians and oromos and they are not brought to account by IC.They start beleiving they are above the law and can go away with killing their own xabashi.

Abye is accumulating war crimes in the comming 10 years he will have enough dossier and evidence piled against him to put him in cuffs.
Yeah by febuary the hague will be calling


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