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  1. Big von

    Do we somalis own the Kenyan economy??!!!

    I have been curious about this since a lot of Somalis say that we own the Kenyan economy. What is your statement on this topic?
  2. OffTheDome

    Breaking News Pro-Trump mob breaches the US Capitol

    The US is under attack, how the hell did they get to the steps...? :faysalwtf:
  3. D

    Current Affairs End of the road for TPLF

    Stay tuned. This time war is inevitable I guess Amhara hawks yearning for Tigray blood have conviced Abye to match to Makelle. Most of the Ethiopian military have started to vacate the DDS on their way to Tigray border. I do beleve this war will not happen buy Abye is trying to instil fear...
  4. Cilmi-doon

    Update Somaliland rejects proposed visit by Ethiopia PM, Somali president

    Somaliland has rejected a planned joint visit by Somali president Mohamed Abdulahi Farmaajo and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. A high-ranking official in Somaliland had confirmed a proposed visit to Hargeisa by Abiy and Farmaajo on the initiative of the PM. Hargeisa is capital of...
  5. AarLibaax

    President of Somalia signs The Petroleum Law

    @kickz @Jiron @angelplan @Creed @embarassing
  6. Creed

    At least 26 Dead In Last 24 Hours near Kismayo

    The question is why is not Madoobe stopping this?:faysalwtf: