1. EritreanPost_

    When the Ethiopian 🇪🇹 TPLF army led by Meles Zenawi invaded and occupied Senafe, Eritrea they destroyed the Geez monument of 🇪🇷

    When the Ethiopian 🇪🇹TPLF army under Meles Zenawi invaded and occupied the city of Senafe, Akele Guzay, Eritrea 🇪🇷, they destroyed the Belew Kelew/Hawulti Geez Monument in Eritrea, the oldest Geez script in the world. 💔 Links: The Hawulti was toppled and damaged[5][6] by Ethiopian troops in the...
  2. EritreanPost_

    We Eritreans remember when the Ethiopian 🇪🇹 tyrant Meles Zenawi called for ethnic cleansings of 100.000 of Eritreans living in 🇪🇹

    We Eritreans remember during the Badme war when the Ethiopian tyrant Meles Zenawi said that he would deport the 100,000 Eritreans from Ethiopia because of the colour of their Eritrean eyes. The Tigrayan TPLF engaged in hate speech & called 4 ethnic cleansings against Eritreans living in Ethiopia...
  3. EritreanPost_

    26 years ago today, on the 6th May 1998, the 🇪🇹🇪🇷 border war started after the Ethiopian TPLF army killed 8 Eritrean soldiers in Eritrean Badme

    Twenty-six years ago today, the border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia began after the Ethiopian 🇪🇹 army led by the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) killed nearly eight Eritrean soldiers near Ethiopian-occupied Eritrean 🇪🇷Badme. This attack by Meles Zenawi caused the 1998 border war...
  4. LibaanSom

    We Should’ve Mobilized The Somali-Community

    During April-December of 2021, there has been massive Ethiopian protests taking place all over the US, especially in the capital of Washington D.C. This happened during the peak of the Ethiopian Civil War, so I think you might be getting why these protests happen. what if I told you, both...
  5. Sheikh Kulkuli

    UPDATE Civil war enters second year in Ethiopia

    Stay tuned. This time war is inevitable I guess Amhara hawks yearning for Tigray blood have conviced Abye to match to Makelle. Most of the Ethiopian military have started to vacate the DDS on their way to Tigray border. I do beleve this war will not happen buy Abye is trying to instil fear...
  6. tyrannicalmanager

    I'TS HAPPENING:Ruling Coalition Merges Into Single Party tplf warned such merger...
  7. CaliTedesse

    Special Report: Winners and Losers in Horn of Africa