Donald Trump War on Terror

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Since Donald Trump took office al-Shabaab is being decimated. He has done a lot to help stabilize Somalia. He has approved preemptive strikes on Shabaab & has increased training for SNA.


All administrations from Clinton 1990's continued a policy of destabilization including funding the warlords. Trump has changed policy.
Arm, airstrikes & training is what they are going to do. Under Obama they were not allowed to offensively strike Shabaab. Now they can.

Currently under Trump admin Somalia & America can form a very strong alliance.
Trump is a mujahid. He's not been cucked like his rivals. Every Arab wannabe in the Horn knows there's a predator drone overhead with his name on it. And you just know that Melania Trump is drawing up the hit list. The woman is so epic that she uses dead jihadists as a human bear rug for her tasteful photoshoots. This is a power couple that will go far.

The Orange Executive will make Somalia great again.
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