1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Texas joins Somalia?

    MJ's should leave Texas politics alone WTF..
  2. GemState

    Is continued American hegemony a good thing?

  3. SonOfMaverick

    Ilhan Omar Defends Equating America to Terror Groups

    Naagtaan waa na ceebeysay. :reallymaury:
  4. Metal Magician

    MOVIES & TV Biden’s true face

    I voted for Trump like many of my friends; I knew Biden was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  5. strawberrii

    Travel pictures

    Even though we’re all stuck inside our houses right now, let’s dig up some old travel pictures to post. I’m sure you guys have some nice photos somewhere, right?
  6. C-Town

    where does this hate against reer uk come from?

    i have been on this shit for a day now and have seen alot of uk hate wagwan
  7. Al Muslim

    The Taliban won the war

    The Taliban have won and have secured a deal for the withdrawal of all foreign forces within the next 13 months. What are your thoughts on the Taliban winning the war against the world's largest terrorist organisation, the USA?
  8. Atoore

    Pete is out

  9. Helios

    Fed Up Veteran Speaks Powerful Truth About America's Wars

  10. Helios

    Big W for American Somalis

    As a Canadian and a someone who has been to Maine I must say that I'm very proud of the community there for finally getting a somali representative on city council. For it to be a 23 year old Xalimo is even more impressive in my opinion...
  11. GBTarmy

    American preacher exposed

    these priests are crazy no wonder they molest kids in the name of jesus:gucciwhat:
  12. CaliTedesse

    Why are the Somali communities booming in Canada and USA

    I mean they have many shops and malls and businesses etc. Yet those UK rats have lived there for a century and are still at phase 1, the start almost nothing has changed for these bimbos, of course you have some exceptions. I blame the welfare.
  13. Nuur Iidaan

    Another ISIS girl is trying to come back to America.

    Will she accepted back? Shamima Begun had her citizenship revoked, will the US follow suit?
  14. CanIDimo

    Mr know it all Donald Trump

    As funny as i find him he is perhaps the most inarticulate person to ever hold such a powerful position, he is meant to be the world leader and he speaks like a 10 years old:ileycry:, At first i thought he was deliberately limiting his vocabulary to build a strong support base in redneck america...
  15. WarsameXamse

    Imagine a 10 mins Somalia to America/Europe flight. globalization

    imagine living in the west and going to Somalia on the weekend or your days off from work or school like it's nothing:mjlaugh: NOW THAT IS A FUTURE I WOULD LOVE FOR OUR PEOPLE. the flight prices are said to become as cheap as a 10 mins uber ride when this idea comes to fruition globalization...
  16. Cumar

    White Cop Fired After Allegedly Threatening to Jail Daughter’s Black Boyfriend

    I guess the humiliation of his daughter being with a black man got to him kkk:pachah1:
  17. MadMax

    Reer America you ain't safe come get your L.

    WTF is this?
  18. DRACO

    s can not get rid of their nimo (Even in the west)

    running for council in Minneapolis loses top another Somali. First thing he does is go on Facebook and declares Election Fraud/irregularities, (this isn't Somalia) . WASHINGTON / MINNEAPOLIS — Four Somali-Americans won races for public office in local elections that took place around...
  19. Jodeci

    Exposed: How Arab insitutions in North America, claim Somali populations as Arab for Funding

    Another expose by Jodeci :mjswag: I am here to expose how Arab Institutions and Organizations in North America, Point 1.Claim the Somali population as Arab, do not provide any services to the Somali community at all, but use our population numbers to get money for their causes only Point...
  20. Edo Nene

    Mamo Hanna Cadey has advice for smelly suugo geeljire

    Her makeup drag looks distasteful but i do agree with her 100% Comment section are disabled :siilaanyolaugh: