somali galbeed

  1. Noble

    SOMALI REGION Dhamole Valley pictures & Videos and development

    This region is composed of namely- Gurra Dhamole, Goro-Baqaqsa and Qarsa Dulla Gurra Dhamole name is derived from the Gurre clan and the Dhamoole ⛰️ Guradhamole is situated at the foot of Dhamole and Habrona Mountains in a narrow valley.
  2. Noble

    Abiy Ahmed insults the somali massacre Karamardha

    Abiy Ahmed infront of Cagjar has said revenue from his new book will be used to build a monument for Derg soldiers in Karamardha " Almost 44 years ago, the Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF), aided and assisted by the Somali National Army, seized Karamardha and most of the Western Somali...
  3. S

    Finest Somali men thread (on Social Media)

    Alot of people like to insult Somalis for our looks, whether men or women, but theirs attractive and less attractive people in every single group Some people are just more taller or shorter, some are more skinny, whilst others may be more fat. Not every single English white guy looks like Henry...
  4. Hamzarashid

    Its not just TPLF it's Ethiopia

  5. Pseudo-A'staramaia

    Do Somalis even care about the Somali genocide happening right now in Somali galbeed?

    It has been going on for 2 years yet no one could careless or is even aware So far 50,000 have been killed and more than 1 million Somalis are discplaced because of mass killings and daily shootings, and it is a one way street of violence from non-Somalis against Somalis, and the entire living...