somali galbeed

  1. Pseudo-A'staramaia

    Do Somalis even care about the Somali genocide happening right now in Somali galbeed?

    It has been going on for 2 years yet no one could careless or is even aware So far 50,000 have been killed and more than 1 million Somalis are discplaced because of mass killings and daily shootings, and it is a one way street of violence from non-Somalis against Somalis, and the entire living...
  2. Sheikh

    The Full Historic story of the Sultanate of Harar.

    Wa billahi tawfiq the Sultanate of Harar was founded and ruled by my adeer Amir Nur Mujahid AUN. He built historic walls that surround the city of Harar today. He lead all the Muslims into Jihad against the Christian Ethiopia and he won. And he is the main reason today Somalis in Somali Galbeed...