Division among blacks

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Fulani influence on (proto/foundational/plantation)African-American culture.

Linguistic - ""
As regards numerals, I interview serval older Gullahs(SE coastal African-Americans), each of whom could count from one to nineteen in the Fula language. Usually the Gullahs did not know the name of the language in which they counted, but said that they learned the numerals from older relatives or friends. A few unknowingly, would draw upon two or more African languages in counting from on to ten.""

- Lorenzo Dow Turner, Ph.D academic & linguist.

American cowboy(cattle ranching) culture

Music- An old unique blues style in the Northern Mississippi hill country called Northern Mississippi Fife and Drum blues, is an offshoot of Fulani Flute and drum music. In fact, the physical construction of the blues fife played in Northern MS is based on an old African model brought over by the transatlantic slave trade. The construction process mimics that of the of Fula flute. A musician typically cuts a piece of cane about a foot in length, then a heated iron rod is used to bore out the cane, and finally the same rod is used to make the fingering and embouchure holes of the fife. No formal measure of spacing either between the embouchure hole and the fingering holes or between each of the fingering holes is used. Instead, the musicians use their hands as guides for construction, resulting in instruments that have slightly individualized scales, none of which are based on a classical Western model.

Islamic Survival in the Deep South-

In an article written by plantation owner and ethnographer James Hamilton Couper, he goes into detail describing the Fulanis on his and other nearby Georgia plantations, as being remarkably intelligent and devout muslims. It's safe to say that the enslaved fulanis, in general, did what they could to maintain their integrity in such a harsh environment.


Southie pride
They feel shame to be called slavery, so they want change their story that they have been real Israelite not from Africa but Egyptian original. Bwahaha
Whatever you do, no one can faked the history. You are slavery from West Africa. That is it.
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