Damn! Xalimoz bashing faaraxs on TikTok just read the comments

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
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if u actually used tiktok youd know there is some truth to what she’s saying.

without automatically going on the defence for your male compatriots, listen to other Somali women and their complaints

Wallahi Somali men on tiktok can be so embarasing. If it’s not telling u that ur a djiIIo for some of ur hair showing, or spamming hate in the comments in thousands when they see a Somali girl married to ajnabi like it’s the end of the world, it’s cussing for NO reason other than the fact that ur somali. I’ve seen girls not even do much and are cussed for the fun of it by Somali men in the comments

It’s gotten so bad that habesha and sudani girls that are mistaken for Somali get comments bashing them too. There was one habesha girl who wasn’t wearing a hijab and dancing with her dad, and all the comments were saying how ceeb for the dad and she’s a sharmuut - she wasn’t even Somali or Muslim !

Like some of u need to reflect on why ur own gender can be so toxic unprovoked to your own women, maybe it’s from entitlement thinking h can control every somali women that isn’t related to u, but it’s so clear the behaviour. OBVIOUSLY not ALL Somali men are like this, a lot have jobs and don’t sit on tiktok and police women, but it for sure is a substantial amount

The funny thing is somali women are actually somewhat supportive of Somali men creators on tiktoK, they blow up from the support of Somali women, and don’t get much hate from women. The women however a big chunk of the hate comes from their own men, whilst other ajnabis mind their business (as they should) especially if the creator is not doing any harm
This goes both ways, anybody remembers the girl that was saying get yourself an east African man specifically a Farah, and all the xalimos were like no you're fetishizing the east African men noo :silanyolaugh::russ: #thisgoesbothways
hey, us shiney forehead having brothers, are handsome and cool too, perhaps even desirable by women of non-shiny forehead having countries. :D