CHECHENS beat the ass of a BLACK MAN who wanted their girl


The one and only 4head
I am high-key impressed at how many Somalis know so much about the Soviets. People out here reading books or at least intently trawling through Wikipedia and documentaries. I see you, I appreciate you and carry on.

It's in my college major
Yeah that's because they're generally criminals. I've seen everyone from caato faraxs to short squat albanians drop and throw police officers like it was nothing and then run off.

What's impressive is that regions wrestling and Judo (Russia in general tbh).
Lol, Wrestling/fighting runs through their DNA. I'd love to see Ramzan Kadyrov fight Vlad Putin:
The brutual beating the Madow brother got he defo fcked Chechnyan girls before lmao, that beating was personal wallahi, defo his sister took bbc


🇸🇴💪🏿🤝🏾🇲🇳 cafri

'rule 1:don't fight a chechen"
rule 2:no interactions with his girl
some of us has to fail for others to learn


caucasians like chechans and dagestanis arent to be messed around with thier very true to their word and will make you suffer
I don't know if you know about Lavrenti Beria. He was also georgian and even Stalin was fearing him. It's was well known that Ussr officials and even Stalin hide their daughters when Beria visited them :russ:
To be fair everyone was scared of Beria he was a well known rapist who enjoyed torturing women :mjlol:
Why are man dick policing other men :mindblown: Hopefully, they send these savage Chechens to prison.
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Buck breaking has made its way to Somalispot.

Tariq Nasheed must be stopped. Imagine unwittingly emasculating your ancestors like this.