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Can Guys and Girls be just friends?


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You can but most fade over time. The ones that I've still have a strong friendship with are female friends from my childhood


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Absolutely. It’s because he wants you for himself. Even if you never gave him signs that you’re interested, he still might think there’s a chance between you two.
This is why you pretend to be woefully ignorant of any signs of interest.

I always assume they don't like me like that. :manny: Or their interest will fade.

In the event they were interested or confess it.... *SHOCK*
Can we talk about how some totally savage girls exist? I had the luxury of adding my number to the contacts of a decent looking xalimo, only to see Hussein nandos and Abdi driver on her contacts. Never spoke to her again lol

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No, you can be friendly acquaintances but anything more than that means dude wants to smash.
What if the girl is attractive? Or has a great personality? Would you still be able to remain platonic, and not have your mind wonder to “what ifs?”


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Online can work, but I don't see it in real life working, don't think that it would be a good idea deen wise either.


I don't become good friends with most guys I meet. We stay as friendly acquaintances. 40% of my humor is composed of dirty, sexual jokes which can be...rather awkward to joke around with most people, especially the type of guys I was surrounded by growing up. I've only had one guy, that I consider more of a brother, that I've been good friends with since childhood.

But I guess the opposite genders can become friends and stay friends as long as they don't catch feelings for each other. Deen ahaan, that's a big no-no.