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Can Guys and Girls be just friends?

Well I have couple of female friends. It hard to have a friend who possesses all the body parts you desire in a human being. It is like fasting 20 hours and working inside the kitchen. Very tough.


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That means we ain't real homies :mjkkk:

I was even boasting to faraxs telling them my home girl is a mod and if you Phuck with me it's gonna be trouble
Online is a special case but in real life guys can’t provide the level of friendship you can get from girls. I’m definetly a girl’s girl :manny:


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Ladies, I will tell something. Some men are saboteurs. If they know a guy who matches your criteria they will not introduce you. Instead they will want you for themselves. Girls are nicer. If they aren't into a guy, they will introduce him to someone who might be. And is probably a good all around prospect.

Sisters are real friends. And my cyber children @Helios and @Odkac WRLD.:yousmart:

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