Buur Heybe Ancients

Nah, highly unlikely E-M293 is from pastoralist Red Sea Cushites, not (South) HOA hunter-gatherers like the Buur Heybe HGs. See this quote on wikipedia:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_E-Z827#E-V1515 (V15V15 is the ancestral version of M293).

I personally think they will have paternal haplogroup E-V16/E-M281, which was detected in our honorable @Geeljire Sandheer.

Apollo, I thought in an earlier thread in response to a Somali Kenyan with E-M293 results from 23AndMe, you were responding that it was south cushitic?

I am confused now by this pastoralist Red Sea Cushites reference for the same E-M293.