BREAKING NEWS: Puntland announces that it's siding with Saudi/UAE and breaks ranks with Somali gov

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If anything Somaliland is more sovereign than Somalia and just to add salt to your open wound the Republic of Puntland seems to be more sovereign than Somalia.

Don't try to turn this around, Somalia is taking L's here. Even if he signed(fake news) doesn't that reflect back on Somalia rather than Somaliland, he was a former president of Somalia not Somaliland no? So you would assume he wants whats in best interest of Somalia.

It's not even funny you come with fake bullshit and try to attack with the same thing as everyone against Somaliland. "Dream", "Made-up", "Facade", "Imaginary", "No Sovereignty" its a theme with you guys..

The only thing that is ALL of those things is Somalia. Lacag qaado!
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Sovereign?? Never forget
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