1. Helios

    FAKE NEWS UAE appoints Ambassador to Somaliland

    The tears on twitter are gonna be delicious maanta :lawd:
  2. OffTheDome

    Random Somaliland political discussions

    Taiwan will start offering scholarships to Somaliland college and university graduates next year, it has been announced. Somaliland's ministry of education and science through its Director-General Ahmed Muse Murud said scholarships will commence next year and applications can be submitted from...
  3. Invader

    How the UAE has control over the Gulf of Aden.

    After tensions rose between Somalia and the UAE over the problem below. UAE has begun having ties with Somaliland to hit Somalia's weak spot. This made Somalia furious because being friends with Somaliland means attacking the integrity of Somalia not acknowledging that Somaliland is a pawn...
  4. Cartman

    Plan on relocating to UAE

    I don’t want my kids to end up like a saqajaan as so the only option left is to go to a country such as UAE. Is it nice there?
  5. Lugouy

    Millions Of Dollars Seized From UAE In Somalia - Strangest Way To Transfe

    What do you guys think about this. I heard these stories numerous times
  6. Manafesto

    Somali Troll Farm

    As you guys know UAE and Saudi Arabia have been lately accused of infiltrating trolls on FB and Twitter to gain support and wage war against the farmaajo administration. Tips to know a Somali troll: 1. No more than two photos if there is any. 2. have political figure pictures showing support...
  7. Cumar

    Breaking News: Somaliland MP calls for the arrest of Boqor Buurmadow

    The Grand Suldaan of Somaliland, Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdiqaadir dismissed Boqor Buurmadow's recent comments in Carmo suggesting that Somaliland should withdraw their troops from the border at Tuqaraq. (MP) Xildhibaan Axmed Maxamed Diiriye (Nacnac) goes further, specifically calling for...
  8. Cumar

    UAE exploring new immigration restrictions on Somali Citizens unless relations improve

    This is what happens when you have 20-something children running the Federal Government of Somalia and you needlessly antagonize your largest trading partner who holds all the political and economic leverage over you. :manny::manny: Thousands of our citizens and businessmen in the UAE are...
  9. I

    I was right all along : Emergency IGAD crisis meeting called, UAE trying to destabilize Somalia.

    @Zero @Gucci mane @Norwegian-Somali @Geeljire sanbuur @geel.sade @draco @Somles_Darees2 @Huncho @Puntlandtheglorious @Torti @YourBroMoe @RICH @BANTU Traitor landers should be punished :mjlol: Hairab ass lickers :hillarybiz::reallymaury:
  10. DRACO

    Reuters - UAE to train somaliland security forces!

    UAE to train Somaliland forces under military base deal: Somaliland president Alexander Cornwell FILE PHOTO: A man with body paint in the colours of the national flag participates in a street parade to celebrate the 24th self-declared independence day for the breakaway Somaliland nation from...
  11. DRACO

    Gulf news -DP world cucks shocked Fraudmajo!

    COMPANIESDP World stresses commitment to Somaliland DP World chair says company to continue investing in Africa despite disputes Sarah Diaa, Staff Reporter 13:46 March 15, 2018 DUBAI: The head of DP World stressed on Thursday the company’s commitment to its investments in Somaliland, two days...
  12. Farm

    Qatar Calls for Respect For Somalia's Sovereignty

    He noted the importance of the commitment of all parties to supporting the unity and territorial integrity of Somalia and respect for its sovereignty in accordance with the resolutions of the UN General Assembly, the Security Council, the Arab League, the African Union and the support of the...
  13. CupOfShaaxBigays

    DP World: "Mogadishu can't change Berbera port deal" :gucciwhat:
  14. DRACO

    Galmudug president Haaf tells farmajo to know his place!

    Galmudug president Haaf tells failmajo he can deal as he wishes with our allies the UAE. Failmajo must respect the federal states policies! Galmudug Pres Haaf says state free to deal with UAE after talks with President Farmaajo. "We have no problem with Gulf giving us something whether it is...
  15. World

    BREAKING NEWS: Puntland announces that it's siding with Saudi/UAE and breaks ranks with Somali gov

  16. Rooble

    Muuse BiixI rejects UAE base and Kulmiye party is committing electoral fraud

    According IndianOceanNewsLetter and African Intelligence The leader and presidential candidate of the ruling Kulmiye party in Hargeisa, Musa Bihi Abdi, admitted to senior party officials in Burao in early June that he was worried about the idea of the United Arab Emirates establishing a...
  17. Xooshdheere

    Port workers in Berbera refuse to work after it was sold to UAE

    Port workers in Berbera refuse to work after it was sold to UAE. SL politicians threw their workers under the bus. Secessionist Somaliland was so eager to hand over a national asset that they...
  18. Xooshdheere

    The enemy lies within

    Why does Somaliland want to separate with the rest of Somalia so bad that they are willing to sleep with the enemy? It is sad to see a country with so much potential tear itself apart. Imagine if Somali ports connecting the African interior? These countries livelihood would be at the mercy of...
  19. Jeesto

    DEG DEG - Silaanyo sides with SA and the UAE against Qatar