BREaking NEWS! Mo Farah demolished by an Ethiopian, cries! His stepdaughter cried, wife stoic

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The last suugo bender
I almost cried he tried his utmost best to come back after they boxed him in , a silver in this context is more than enough for me , btw ur scum just sayin.


Gaalkacyo Gangster
Walahi that's not the case! I am all about sensationalism. That's all.

If I said he won it would've served me no excitement.
Spoken like a true female. You should go back to the name Eedo menace and just chop your balls off, you gossiping dhoocil.

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
This all reminds me of that Africans vs. Jamaicans beef on Twitter the day Usain Bolt lost that race. You're all so salty

Besides, Mo Farah still has this

As I suspected , the black chap who blocked off Mo( with the help of Ethiopians) and who made a late dash was a Kenyan athlete running for America .His name is Chelimo.Look at what the fool done before the race :

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