BREaking NEWS! Mo Farah demolished by an Ethiopian, cries! His stepdaughter cried, wife stoic

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The last suugo bender
I almost cried he tried his utmost best to come back after they boxed him in , a silver in this context is more than enough for me , btw ur scum just sayin.


Gaalkacyo Gangster
Walahi that's not the case! I am all about sensationalism. That's all.

If I said he won it would've served me no excitement.
Spoken like a true female. You should go back to the name Eedo menace and just chop your balls off, you gossiping dhoocil.

Nightline Kid

Hippo Crate
This all reminds me of that Africans vs. Jamaicans beef on Twitter the day Usain Bolt lost that race. You're all so salty

Besides, Mo Farah still has this

As I suspected , the black chap who blocked off Mo( with the help of Ethiopians) and who made a late dash was a Kenyan athlete running for America .His name is Chelimo.Look at what the fool done before the race :

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