1. Manafesto

    Top ten countries with most TO7shih Halimo/Farahs residents we should avoid marrying from?

    Thread inspired by another thread that is currently trending,my question is what country has the most ish and Dhulo among the diaspora communities around the world? As an individual who traveled across the globe, I will post my experience and try to be as fair and honest on this list, I...
  2. Hybrid()


    Was this video posted before
  3. ethan bradberry

    Somaliland Activist And Writer Accepted Into Prestigious Oxford University

    After finishing his postgraduate studies at the University of Bristol in the Southwest of England, HamseAbdilahiwas literally packing his bags to return to his home country of Somaliland when he received a university offer letter. It was none other than Oxford University. ‘Congratulations ……...
  4. Xooshdheere

    Mo Farah speech

  5. Grigori Rasputin

    BREaking NEWS! Mo Farah demolished by an Ethiopian, cries! His stepdaughter cried, wife stoic

    The good news is that an Ethiopian Muslim Oromo dethroned him. :salute::salute: He did the sujuud What a strategy the Ethiopian used! He got blocked by two Ethiopians while allowing another Ethiopian to run from the out flank where he sped off like mereexaan getting chased in the 1991 war of...
  6. Jeesto

    Woke Faarax

    :ehh: :pachah1: :yacadiim: :browtf: :lawd:
  7. anonymous34

    Yo Americans

    do the xalimos there participate in 420? Cause I saw quite a few American Xalimos on sc smoke their lungs out :what1: @waraabe