Bantus are not even native to Cameroon

It appears that the iron age Bantu conquest of Africa was more rapid than originally thought. Cameroon is the origin point of the Bantu expansion, so if that started less than 5000 - 3000 years ago that is stunning


If the Mongols were African... These mfs are landeer af.
Mongols = small nomadic tribe conquering most of the world’s greatest kingdoms and civilisations, largest land-based empire in history.

Bantus = conquering shitty African malaria infested jungle land inhabited by primitive african tribes who did not even have iron weapons.

Doubt the pygmies + khoisan combined even numbered half a million during the time of the bantu expansion, whereas the mongols literally were defeating the Chinese who fielded half a million soldiers in battles.
These guys even conquered that area and don't come from it. :dead:

Lipson, Mark (Harvard Medical School), Mary Prendergast (Harvard University), Isabelle Ribot (Université de Montréal), Carles Lalueza-Fox (Institute of Evolutionary Biology CSIC-UPF) and David Reich (Harvard Medical School)

Ancient Human DNA from Shum Laka (Cameroon) in the Context of African Population History

We generated genome-wide DNA data from four people buried at the site of Shum Laka in Cameroon between 8000–3000 years ago. One individual carried the deeply divergent Y chromosome haplogroup A00 found at low frequencies among some present-day Niger-Congo speakers, but the genome-wide ancestry profiles for all four individuals are very different from the majority of West Africans today and instead are more similar to West-Central African hunter-gatherers. Thus, despite the geographic proximity of Shum Laka to the hypothesized birthplace of Bantu languages and the temporal range of our samples bookending the initial Bantu expansion, these individuals are not representative of a Bantu source population. We present a phylogenetic model including Shum Laka that features three major radiations within Africa: one phase early in the history of modern humans, one close to the time of the migration giving rise to non Africans, and one in the past several thousand years. Present-day West Africans and some East Africans, in addition to Central and Southern African hunter-gatherers, retain ancestry from the first phase, which is therefore still represented throughout the majority of human diversity in Africa today.


More about Shum Laka archaeological site:

**Not a joke, it's a real abstract/study**

This is more proof the Khoisan were not originally restricted to the desert areas of SA.


If Bantus did not conquer land from Pygmies and Khoisan then most of SSA would have been extremely under populated and Europeans would have demographically replaced the natives in habitable parts of SSA like Rwanda, Burundi, all of South Africa etc.

Africa would be like the Americas :damn:
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The Khoisan never lived in Somalia. Those sources claiming Khoisans in Somalia are mainly lies or very bad misinterpretations of what the concept of Khoisan actually means.
True I meant aboriginal east african. Like Hadza, Sandawe sort of people


True I meant aboriginal east african. Like Hadza, Sandawe sort of people

Those are not Khoisan. Also, there's no evidence that their type lived in Horn. The oldest sample from Ethiopia does not cluster with them. They are a completely different population.
Of course not. Did you even read the abstract in the OP? Bantus are a relatively new population from West Africa with specific genetics who expanded after the agricultural revolution.
Looool Naa not really sxb. I’m not use to the terminology used in this section. Quite Confusing :mindblown: