1. O

    Why isn't fob tiktok banned yet?

  2. Nuur Iidaan


    Have you ever had to swing at your sibling like this cos they ate your food that you was saving for later (in the fridge)??? (I advise you all to click on the tweet, so that the vid doesn't buffer for you). They were going IIIIIIINNNNNNN, waan ka helay...
  3. Nuur Iidaan

    Come and see stupidity

    The funny thing is, they actually think they've done something with this. Non-cuck cadaan man everywhere are laughing at this. Below is the screenshot, just in case it gets deleted and y'all want to see the stupidity.
  4. GBTarmy

    South Africans says they will starve if Somali shops remain closed

    “The problem is that whenever protests happen some community members always takes out their frustrations on foreign shop owners. They never take time to think of how the rest of the people will suffer‚” said David Sibanyoni‚ a community committee representative in Ratanda‚ south of Heidelberg‚...
  5. YoungFarah

    Arab slaves think they're Arab!!!!

    Waryaada this Arab booty fingering is getting out of crontol we need to karbash these neefs into oblivion kulaha Somalis are Arab. Aduunyogadoon baa lagaare ilaahay ha nacafiyo Yaab:jcoleno::jcoleno::jcoleno:
  6. HuunoHunter

    Some funny website which reflects us yet insults us at the same time.

    Check this site out walaloyaal http://www.somalicruises.com/ Some funny c*nt took the liberty in making a website which reflects the then current and present state of Somalia. These Cadaan xoolo probably jerk off when they a shoot a pirate or two, while forgetting they leave their shit hanging...
  7. HalyeeyQaran

    Caption this picture

    Caption this pic