Come and see stupidity

The funny thing is, they actually think they've done something with this. Non-cuck cadaan man everywhere are laughing at this.

Below is the screenshot, just in case it gets deleted and y'all want to see the stupidity.

Here's the immediate comment she made to the original post. She really thinks she did something.


I feel like I'm watching a comedy show, this can't be real. I understand how the cadaan man colonised 2/3 of this planet.

Dumb fucks, dumb fucks everywhere

I think she's just using this as an excuse to sleep around with white guys and call it "empowering".

You ain't slick. :comeon::camby:
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"Women of Color" Is this the 1960s? Looks like she wants slavery back. Weird fetish ngl! :deadrose:
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Cadaan men don't have a standard or something? She seems to be an SJW and pro black shit. I won't even talk to a pro black person in my life. Such animal is dangerous.