1. S

    Do you think women get just as horny as men?

    Let do a little polls. I think personally that men and women both are equally horny but express it differently Also girls, who is the odd beauty man who is your guilty pleasure? Mine is Russell Howard, nerdy yet still fit :shaq:
  2. Siddhartha

    Are women a different species?

    I will never figure out how their minds work its impossible. During a nightout i met a girl and me and her hit off immediately but i was not intrested in her sexually. Anyways as the night goes on she asks me if theres any girl i like in the bar and i point to one. Now once we were done and...
  3. B

    Am I a hypocrite?

    I call myself a feminist. I live my life with feminism in mind. I vote feminist, I speak feminism and I live and breath feminism yet I expect a man to always pay :umwhat: My reasoning is men get more paid than women :notsureif:
  4. S

    Men and women are not equal

    And whoever believes otherwise isn't very observant and has a shocking low IQ.