women created their own village where men aren't allowed

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Imagine a whole area in Somalia where women and children are safe because men are excluded and aren't allowed in. Somali women should be patriotic and explore it further to reverse the title of "the most dangerous country for women". Do it for Somalia.


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I'm actually thinking about doing this. Kudos to those women and good luck to them.

Only MJ guys will be allowed, they will each have 4 wives. Mashallah. Ya Salam.


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You would all turn gay. Women see bigger picture, they would build empires. Bunch of ashy Abdis humping each other. :susp:

when men do it its gay when women do it girl power :mjcry: this the kinda sexism im fighting against :fittytousand:
we'll build the ultimate man cave :rejoice: women can come when its time to pleasure our sabaayad wraps
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