what if

  1. alien

    outside your ethnicity

    If you had to marry outside your ethnicity which ethnicity would you get with. Also which ethnicity will you never get with. For me I'll get with a Rendille baddie or Midnight Nilote. I will never in my life go for a White person. No matter their background or culture.
  2. 486th President

    What would you do if your child came out as gay

    I’m assuming I would be a bit emotional and start crying and so would they to be honest and I know and I can understand their pain as well society makes it very hard and it’s sad every day knowing that what you are is disgusting but you don’t really have a choice when society shoves it into your...
  3. 486th President

    If you were to have superpowers what would you do with them and why

    I would have the Power to cool thins down I would then cool down Earth so that global warming would no longer be a threat and the future of mankind wouldn’t have to think about global warming I would be a true hero and raise humanity into a type 1 civilization no one would worry about anything...
  4. 486th President

    What do you guys think of somaliweyn?

    Look at the ethnic borders that are currently outside somalia. Its mainly in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. So how would we get the land back? They aren't going to give it to us politely, so maybe we go to war and not at this time though. We can defeat them a lone one by one. But do you really...
  5. 486th President

    You wake up and Donald Trump is sitting on a chair right next to you what do you do

    Me: Wait are you Donal Trump?!? Trump: Yes, my friends call me Don Me: Ummm, okay, Don. Trump: Did I say you were my friend? Me: …. Trump: I have an assignment for you, a very yuuuuge assignment. Top secret, it really is. Very true. Me: What’s that? Trump: I’m gonna send a lucky guy to...
  6. 486th President

    Earth is transformed into a battle arena everyone gets gifted superpowers and only 1,000,000 people survive what's your power

    Here are the rules. It would be a very boring battle if a person chooses omnipotence. That means no universal destroying, reality warping, or global powers/abilities . Everyone has one power. For example, it doesn’t require much effort to maintain and they instinctively know how to use it he...
  7. R

    The father of Osama, Mohammed Awad bin Laden lived in Mogadishu as a child where he got injured

    https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2009/10/omar-bin-laden-200910 Narrated by Omar bin Laden, son of Osama. He's the one with dreadlocks. Osama's father lost an eye due to his boss beating him up, he had to go back to Yemen. Imagine if he stayed in Somalia instead had that boss not been so...