1. 486th President

    Japan is winning

    While Somalia is discussing which clan is bettter japan is doing this :deadpeter: Imagine walking in the streets and you see a giant robot chasing you just wait till they add weapons fam it’s over:jcoleno:
  2. Helios

    Somalia Air To Water Generating Technology?

    Very interesting how applicable is this to Somalia?
  3. The alchemist

    Check This Out

    This YouTube channel focus is mostly around interaction with experts in the different science/tech fields, particularly AI, and often goes into an interesting philosophical discussion in relation to the guests' expertise and general accomplishments. I recommend it...
  4. Exodus

    Social media is vile

    In the past 24 hours I've seen multiple twitter threads like this ; - The audacity of this guy to post a crying emoji and ask for the video :farmajoyaab: A video of a man about to die and his screaming wife generates so much interest that everyone asks to be sent it. This isn't the first...
  5. NAAFO

    waalalayaalo wax naahniin the future is here and its disturbing

    Hi guys/girls In the globalised hyper connected world that has provided the information super high way (internet) and resulted in instant information readily available at the beckoning of your finger tips that has also facilitated the arrival of social media and the sharing of various types of...
  6. The alchemist

    1791 on Yang Gang, Capitalism, Technology etc.

    The guy talks too fast, but check out his channel.