Air To Water Generating Technology?


Very interesting how applicable is this to Somalia?
You are being swindled. Firstly this isn’t new its a dehumidifier and you can buy them online.

Secondly have you thought about the numbers hes displaying? 1 machine can allegedly provide water for 1 house or hospital, both of those places are extremely different in number of people one having around 4-8 the other having perhaps hundreds of people besides that he goes on to say 10,000 devices can give water to 25,000,000 people ok does that mean that 10,000 of there hospitals has the capacity of ~ 25,000,000 people?!?! Very sketchy wording

Here is a good video debunking this scam known as ‘atmospheric water’


It's all so tiresome
Sounds expensive. Think it's a layered dehumidifier that probably needs a nuclear power plant to run.