1. angelplan

    NEWS Syrian Refugees in Somalia Enrich Culture, Contribute to Economy

  2. CaliTedesse

    Bashar the Lion of the Middle East

    Wallahi billahi he is a true leader that stood by his country in the most dire situations. While other fake leaders fled during a rebellion he is still in the capital and has regained control of his country against enemies of the state. He has proven to many opposed to him that he is their...

    If any of you think Syrian rebels are still anti-Assad...

    Look at this!
  4. Abdisamad

    This is how they destroy nations

    1. Incite unrest in the civilian population 2. Arm different groups against the government 3. Let a Civil War break out 4. Let the UN Put arms embargo on the nation and freeze all its assets 5. The government is overthrown 6. Let the UN recognize one of the armed militias as the legitimate...
  5. CaliTedesse

    Trust me Syria will recover faster than Somalia

    Let's bet on it guys. I have a strong feeling in the coming years Syria will be more stable than Somalia. Sudan president visit to Syria shows Assad survived crisis Win for Assad: UAE reopens Syria Embassy
  6. Somali Nationalist

    Syrian army or rebels?

    I wanted to know whether Somalis supported the Syrian army or Rebels and why.
  7. Thegoodshepherd

    Latakia, Asad's hometown is untouched!

    7 years into the war and Asad's hometown does not look like it has seen a day of fighting. Having lived in Syria I had always thought of Latakia as some provincial capital that probably looked like shit. Imagine my surprise. It looks like some of the wealthier areas of Damascus. The Alawites...
  8. sgfrmtheblock

    Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down By Syrian Rebels

    The plane is said to have been downed in a rebel-held area of north-western Syria near Maasaran in Idlib. Jeez, Putin is gonna karbaash all these rebels. This event could be an ww3 accelerator, these are likely the same rebels the US deems as moderates and had backed them in the past...
  9. DRACO

    Emergency UNSC on Turkey attacking Syria

    Turkish forces push into Syria as France calls for emergency UN meeting Read: Down down Erdogan!
  10. M

    LIVE: UK Parliament debating Syria bombing vote