Al kaBob attacks Somali National Army base west of Baidoa


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They got thoroughly karbaashd, near 30 dead, 30 others wounded/captured.

Imagine having a 100 men attack a base, these guys got good recruiters.:gucciwhat:

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Brick by brick bullet by bullet Insha Allah we will build a great Somalia for our kids! The SNA doing a good job as usual.

It’s important we flush these al shabab fighters out and reward all who cooperate with us and give them protection in return. This will ensure they’re not scared to come out and give coordinates of al shabab or other valuable information.


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aren't the sna stationed in biadoa just robow's ex alshaaab militia integrated into the army?
either way, this is good news.

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It’s just kids in the SNA fighting kids in Al shabaab. Their higher ranked members need to be killed. Too many kids dying man.


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Xog: Dowladda Somalia oo qarineysa gadiid dagaal oo looga qabsaday Geelgub
December 24, 2019

Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) –Caasimada Online ayaa ogaatay in Al-Shabaab ay Milateriga Soomaaliya ka qabsadeen ilaa 3 gaari oo nuuca dagaalka ah, kadib dagaalkii Jimcihii la soo dhaafay ka dhacay degaanka Geelgub ee degmada Cadale ee gobalka Shabeelada Dhexe.

Gaadiidkaan oo ka kooban, hal gaari oo Beebee ah oo ay dhawaan dowladda Turki siisay dowladda Soomaaliya, hal gaari oo Cabdi Bile ah islamarkaana qori weyn ku xiran yahay, iyo hal gaari oo Ambulance ah oo ay leeyihiin Milateriga Soomaaliya.

Sidoo kale, Caasimada Online ayaa ogaatay in wali Milateriga Soomaaliya ay ku sugan yihiin degaan u dhaw Geelgub halkaas oo la sheegay in ay ciidanka go’doon ku yihiin, kadib markii ay dowladda Soomaaliya amartay in ay soo laaban iyagoo aan gaadiidkii soo celin islamarkaana aan qabsan degaankii ay u baxeen.

Dowladda Soomaaliya wali ma shaacin in gaadiid dagaalka looga qabsaday, sidoo kale wali warbaahinta ma ogaanin xaqiiqada dagaalkii degaanka ka dhacay.

Dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa hore u xirtay saraakiil hub iyo gaadiid looga qabsaday weerarkii Ceelsaliini ee gobalka Shabeelada hoose.


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notice everyone else is happy about al shabab being karbashed while the oromo warday is concerned, to him somali progress is his own downfall.
Ilko.yar b.oon go lie to others about AS.
Wasnt Huraale working with AS when he tried to take over Kismaayo in 2013.

Your uncle Zakaria was part of Amniiyat and was later immediatly promoted to NiSA chief.

After Raxaweyn,ilko.yar are the next AS foot soilders.
The only reason became domant is because of Failmajo being President.

The bombings in Kismaayo,Madina hotel ex cascasey were done by Ilko.yar AS.

How.come Failmajo was busy trying to dislodge Madoobe in Kismaayo he spent millions while Buale the capital of JL is the hub of AS yet no ilko.yar wants to fight for it and your Ethiopian allies havent done shit to try take it over.

Then you have il.koyar joining cidamada xooga dalka and being trainned as SNA by Turkey when they came back instead of fighting AS in Gedo they are sent to Ethiopia to fight qabil wars and try to get their il.koyar clan degmos in Ethiopia.

So save me from your crocodile tears.
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