siad barre

  1. Hazy24

    Somali rapper disses Siad Barre in a track🤨

    what are your opinions 🙃
  2. anon2

    Rare Picture: Siyaad Barre, Caydiid, Cali Samatar in Berbera right before 77' War

    I don't know the name of the oday left of MBS, anyone know?
  3. 486th President

    What would you do if you were in a room with Siad Barre

    I would shake his hands and tell him everything about 2020 Somalia and how his nephew Farmaajo is a cuck simple :letmeeat:
  4. Cam

    Siad Barre interview in Black Panther Party newsletter (1974)

    Very interesting as both the Kacaan government and the Black Panthers were Marxist Socialists. The Black Panthers were really doing some good for their people until they got infiltrated. Link to read the article since the picture is not legible
  5. Nin-culus

    Somalis from the uk - the final thread

    @MSGA Listen, stop ganging against uk Somali’s u fluffy nigga U look soft asf. Stop generalising us all. I’m a Somali nigga from England. And I don’t get disrespected by anyone. Madow chicks acc love me. Putting us all in the same bag, Somalis generally used to be victims in low class banter...
  6. Eru Ilúvatar

    We need our own Trump

    We need our own Trump, who won’t hesitate to speak up. We need a leader who is patriotic about his country. We need a leader that doesn’t take shit from anyone. We need a leader that can start a cultural revolution. We need a new and better Siyad Barre.
  7. hindhisle

    Think You're Smart About Politics? You Might Be Libertarian

    This study shows the more analytical people are about politics the more libertarian leaning views they hold. Its well reflected that both lefties and socially conservative voters more often than not make emotionally driven political decitions and they are tribal - they tend to never have a...
  8. hindhisle

    Democracy and Islam

    Democracy has long been a western concept of governing a sociaty where the majority decides. It has been described as the best way to govern by many observers, westen and non-western. I, myself, don care about it so long as i have indivual and economical liberty. The question is, is democracy...
  9. Xooshdheere

    Abshir Muse, Independent Africa's first Police Commander

    Independent Africa's and Somalia's first ever Police Commander Gen Mohamed Abshir Muse dies at a Minnesota hospital aged 91. AUN. Muse worked his way up to become a commandant in the Somali Defence forces from 1958 to 1960 and then opted to join the Somali Police Force upon its inception...
  10. Xooshdheere

    Maalinta Kacaanka

  11. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's GDP during Kacaan

    For anyone interested about the claim I made about Somalia's economy growing at 30% in 1975. Here is the link data. With the exception of 1974 due to the drought, Somalia under Said Barre was growing at a record...
  12. Xooshdheere

    Kacaan/Supreme Revolutionary Council's achievements

    Jaalle Siyaad's, Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC)'s great achievements are often overlooked, and only the negative tragedies are displayed. SRC (1969-1976) were the best years in Somali history. Name another Somali President that does all this within 10 years. 1. Enforcing the Somali...
  13. Xooshdheere

    Why the US is really in Somalia

  14. O

    U.S. 'Disgusted' With MOD/Kacaan Army (LA Times Archives, 1985)

    Read the rest here:
  15. M

    How many presidents has Somalia had?

    According to Darod 7 presidents, Adan Adde, Sharmaarke, Siad Barre,Abdilahi Yusuf, Shariif Afguduud, Hassan Qoslaaye and Farmaajo.Darods claim Abdilaahi was the first legitimate President after the civil war. According to Hawiye 9 Presidents, Hawiye claim Ali Mahdi was the first President...
  16. S

    Somaliland's economy is becoming cheap.

    Somehow 10,000 SL is equivalent to 1 Dollar. 2 years ago 6,000 SL was 1 dollar. So right now everything got cheaper. Such a shit economic :lol;
  17. M

    The Philosophy of Somali Revolution by Siad Barre

    Who has a pdf file? :gladbron: