1. H

    Are RIPA laws being used to harass Muslims and others in our society?

    Below is a list of questions I put to the Home Secretary and the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police in a correspondence regarding what I believe to be irregularities and endemic failures in anti radicalisation policy and a totalitarian lack of transparency and redress to abuses of RIPA laws...
  2. DRACO

    Saudi Islamic program in Puntland !

    Saudi Arabia has begun to deliver a new Islamic scheme In Puntland Somalia :Translation Saudi project in Garowe 1. King salman Mosque 2.group of schools for girls and boys 3. Group of Islamic colleges 4. Islamic Committees and Organizations for spreading the religion and consult. Better watch...
  3. Duchess

    60 Minutes interview with Somali leader of ISIS cell in Minneapolis

    Edit: You can watch the full interview here.
  4. Duchess

    Brain science & why young, non-religious, Somali Americans join ISIS

    Can brain science tell us more than the Quran about why young, non-religious Somali Americans would want to kill and die in Syria for ISIS? What do Tylenol, schoolyard bullies, chocolate and our self-image have to do with young Somali-Americans from Minnesota ending up in Syria fighting for...
  5. Duchess

    'Average Mohamed'. One Somali Man's War On Jihadis

  6. B

    breaking news; hillary clinton to deliver major speech about radicalization in somali community

    http://www.startribune.com/clinton-comes-to-minneapolis-to-lay-out-more-detailed-plan-to-defeat-islamic-state/362082681/ http://edition.cnn.com/2015/12/15/politics/hillary-clinton-terrorism-isis-bernie-sanders/ :ohdamn: any other u of m student here?