Are RIPA laws being used to harass Muslims and others in our society?

Below is a list of questions I put to the Home Secretary and the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police in a correspondence regarding what I believe to be irregularities and endemic failures in anti radicalisation policy and a totalitarian lack of transparency and redress to abuses of RIPA laws which may be contributing to a situation where people are being put under duress through harassment and intimidation in their daily lives.

This situation is a serious threat to everyone's human rights and freedom, that authorised persons within Government agencies, Local Government Authorities and other organisations can in practice subject individuals to harassment and intimidation by misusing laws designed to protect us from terrorism and criminality to stifle dissent, silence whistleblowers, to 'manage performance' or for other illegal aims and agendas.

I am one of these individuals who have been subject to harassment by these laws which are purportedly designed to allow for covert surveillance for the purposes of gathering intelligence or evidence for the purpose of crime prevention, these laws do not, in letter at least, permit harassment and intimidation of individuals for the purpose of putting that individual under duress in some quasi-legal shadow world where there is practically no form of redress or examination, which from my experience, in practice appears to be exactly what is taking place.

The questions I have put to the Home Secretary and Bedfordshire Police, which so far they have been unable to answer are regarding the supervision of these laws, or rather the lack thereof, and how they relate to the radicalisation of individuals, possibly under duress, as well as the continued failure to identify that individuals may be being radicalised/recruited covertly under duress by others who appear to be consistently evading detection and the lack of a cohesive strategy for combating it.