1. The Somali Caesar

    Robo Cop Dog in New York

    Yo This shit don’t even look real. It actually look like some CGI shit, which is scary AF. I bet Some MF would hack them so they can turn against them Opps. Plus can I just say what a waste of taxpayers money :mjlol: :pachah1:
  2. Risotto

    Two Somali police officers were killed and three other civilians

  3. W

    Saw this on Virgin vs Chad subreddit thought it was hilarious (I support George Floyd BTW)

  4. Maverick 2.0

    Rioting BLM Halimos Encounter With Dabacasar

  5. Hybrid()

    Only in America

    An AFrican American man who had nothing to do with the murder of 3 police offers is about to be executed tonight
  6. Al-Burcaawi

    Experience with the police

    Have you ever been arrested? How have cops treated you? And, do cops really treat Somalis differently than madows?
  7. H

    Are RIPA laws being used to harass Muslims and others in our society?

    Below is a list of questions I put to the Home Secretary and the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police in a correspondence regarding what I believe to be irregularities and endemic failures in anti radicalisation policy and a totalitarian lack of transparency and redress to abuses of RIPA laws...
  8. Zach

    Stoped by the police in my neighborhood

    so guys I was just stopped by the police on my home from my sisters house, like 5 houses down. So right know it’s 4 am in Germany and I was watching my sisters kids because she had to go to the hospital ( false labor or whatever it’s called) so I was walking down and a police car drives slowly...
  9. Puffin Stuff

    Xenophobia and Racism (Improvements)

    As a highly homogenous coastal nation with little history of resident foreigners, it is perhaps unsurprising that racism runs rampant, especially as anti-discrimination laws do not exist outside of a few special cases. Bantu's, most of them the descendants of forced laborers (Slaves) Either...
  10. Cumar

    Mentally ill Somali refugee shot and killed by Georgia police

    AUN. Her name was Shukri Ali Said. She was 36 years old. http://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/johns-creek/victim-identified-in-saturday-morning-officer-involved-shooting-in-johns-creek/85-546830349 http://www.11alive.com/video/news/victim-identified-in-police-shooting/85-8111049
  11. DRACO

    Reuters - UAE to train somaliland security forces!

    UAE to train Somaliland forces under military base deal: Somaliland president Alexander Cornwell FILE PHOTO: A man with body paint in the colours of the national flag participates in a street parade to celebrate the 24th self-declared independence day for the breakaway Somaliland nation from...