Stoped by the police in my neighborhood

so guys I was just stopped by the police on my home from my sisters house, like 5 houses down.
So right know it’s 4 am in Germany and I was watching my sisters kids because she had to go to the hospital ( false labor or whatever it’s called) so I was walking down and a police car drives slowly next to me and asks me what i am doing. “I told them I am walking” and they asked me what I was doing here and I told them “walking home” and they said in those shoes *wearing crocs* and at this moment my brother in law comes out angry and told them to mind there business and stop harassing me. I was never afraid by the police since nothing happens in Germany but I felt kind weird and scared.
Alxamdulillah I am home know and a little time passed.
Did you ever had an encounter with police for like no reason?