Experience with the police

Have you been arrested

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Milf hunter
Have you ever been arrested?

How have cops treated you?

And, do cops really treat Somalis differently than madows?
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Milf hunter
Seattle police ain’t so bad
I’ve been pulled over twice and walked off alive twice :gucciwhat:

if you honest to god don’t do any dumb shit like move suddenly odds are your gonna be ok:trumpsmirk:
I remember I got pissed at the cops so I called them pigs and then started an argument. I told them to calm down but 4 cops dragged my ass to a huge ass van and took me home.

That was an awkward evening ngl:ayaanswag:


No problems with the police, but theyre utterly incompetant. I seriously believe if all cops were gone, nothing would change.


Drop it g

I dropped mine
In my area we had a police officer called rhino. He used to terrorise man by taking them out to the countryside and beating them. He once took a big somali guy from my area, who end up kicking shit out of him. Like a week later I and couple guys saw the geezer with a local councillor. He had a black eye and just looked fucked. Walking beside the councillor, us guys starting piss out of the guy. He looked like he wanted to kill us.

Anyway a couple days later the guy came to the local youth club and was just walking around and shit. I end up walking to past him by accident and he stopped me and said when I catch you am going to break ur legs. Thank god I never saw the c*nt cus he had an reputation of living up to his threats.