Rioting BLM Halimos Encounter With Dabacasar


[[Puntland Republic 🇸🇱]]PIM[[C.S(BihinYusuf)]
Why are Somali girls, especially in Minnesota so masculine?

if I saw those girls I’d cross the street and hold my purse closer.

Walahi your comments crack me up everytime, never seen a funny Halimo like you.


Laa ta aamin nin wa law kaana ninkaaga- bom!
Can you see whats happening? Somali girls acting like men while a grown ass man is giggling like a shy girl, ya Allah protect us, allahu mustacaan :jcoleno:
How can you do that with a hijab on? Back in the days they used to take the hijab off whenever they were engaging in haram activity but that doesn't seem to even be the case anymore.
Girls like to say suck my d?ck because its funny and sounds tough. Not surprised that she said that. But why in hell would you say that in a Dabcasar live?!?! Their parents and a million other relatives could be watching!
Laba doqon.


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