1. Calaami

    PL Justice Minister responds to HSM/Ina Faroole

    In a response to HSM’s dialogue regarding his relationship with Puntland that was parroted by his friend Ina Farole of the GO Mafia, Puntland’s Justice Minister Maxamed Cabdiwahaab released a powerful response on his social channels today. Wasiir Maxamed highlighted 10 points that the 3 FGS...
  2. angelplan

    TRENDING NEWS DOCUMENTARY: Together for peace in Somalia

  3. L

    Can't Hold Me Down!!

  4. L

    LoveandLight Writes/ Rides Again!

    Greetings, Good People of these Forums. For Years, I have been Abused, Censored, Sabotaged and Banned on these Forums and elsewhere! Of Course, that will NOT stop me from doing my VITAL Advocacy Work, where I Help to Protect Animals, Women, Babies and Children! Recently, I was Banned for more...
  5. Saintly

  6. Helios

    Christmas Truce

    Tomorrow I am suggesting a SSPOT wide truce on all threads in spirit of the WWI truce. I call on everyone to qashin bomb into oblivion whoever goes after another member. No farax vs xalimo conflict, qabil banter and general insults. I urge us all to aspire to be like @Jiron. @TekNiKo @Knowles...
  7. L

    Hodan Nalayeh
  8. 4head

    I became a hateful person.

    Recently I have realised that I became a hateful person. I want to change. I need to become like @Jiron because hate is unnecessary (sometimes, it is..). So no more bad words. Insults = haraam. If you caught me saying some hurtful things, please deport me in Luuq with my friend @CaliTedesse...
  9. L

    2019 Vegan Guide | Heard This? | 3 Simple Ways to Go Vegan Now!

  10. L

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! I wish for peace and prosperity for the Somali speaking peoples! I Hope we can regain our Dignity. LoveandLight
  11. L

    Ultimate Guide To A Vegan Pregnancy

  12. L

    The Somali People Need a Hero!

    Enter LoveandLight the Light Ranger!
  13. Wei

    Somaliland information minister sends a call to Puntland President

    Diplomacy is the way to go. A proper overture by the Somaliland government. After Abdiweli's war cry speech, I don't think this will go anywhere. @Futurist I think your plan is coming together. We'll sign the peace treaty in Tukaraq and commemorate the historic moment by merging together as one...
  14. L

    Top 3 Reasons to Eat 1 FullyRaw Mono-Meal a Day!

  15. Jodeci

    Why Are Some Somalis Jealous Of Djiboutians?

    This question has plagued me for years and I couldn't understand it until recently :farmajoyaab: Here's what I came up with Most Somalis don't know anything about Djibouti They are Jealous at Djibouti's development and safety They want to be Djiboutian They are ashamed of where they come from...
  16. Prince Abubu

    Southerners, what do you think?

    What would you say to a UN-funded Somali-only AMISOM army comprising of States like Somaliland and Djibouti to takeover and fight alshabab in the South?
  17. S

    Ugly inferior Madow city

    The country agolan is still recovering from 27 years of the civil war that plagued the country from its independence in 1975 to 2002. But they have one of the fastest growing economy in the world! They have 39 ethnic groups. Here is a project where they built apartments for 100,000...
  18. S

    More good news: ahlussunnah wal jamaah supporters says they will join a Somali national army

    According to sources close to them:
  19. S

    22 years dictatorship comes to end peacefully as defeated President concedes

    Defeated Gambian President has step-down according to multiple sources and thereby ended the conflict without blood-shed. "Gambia's defeated leader Yahya Jammeh announced early Saturday he has decided to relinquish power, after hours of last-ditch talks with regional leaders and the threat by...