1. Velœcity

    Coastline Exploration spent 42 million USD to survey offshore Somalia. CE is now ready to start exploration in the 7 blocks awarded.

    Chairman of the Somali Petroleum Authority Abdulkadir Aden Mohamud “Coastline Exploration spent 42 million US dollar to survey offshore Somalia. CE is now ready to start exploration in the 7 blocks awarded : 3 in Galmudug, 2 in South West, 2 in Jubaland. We need to drill fast.”
  2. Passenger

    NEWS Trafigura wins Ethiopia's contract for Fuel imports selects Berbera Port

    Singapore’s Trifigura Scores Nation’s Petroleum Deal Trafigura Pte, a Singaporean multinational commodity trader, won the bid to supply 1.4 million tonnes of petroleum with an estimated value of 22 billion Br for the coming year. Trafigura was selected by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply...
  3. C-Town

    Oil future of somalia

    what do you think? The Somali coast has about 100 billion oil barrels
  4. IftiinOfLife

    Isreali Businessman owns 100% of Somaliland Oil Block

    :gucciwhat: :drakelaugh: Can Somalilanders explain this? Why sell your national assets away. https://www.genelenergy.com/media/2334/genel-somaliland-farm-out-final.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genel_Energy
  5. Manafesto

    Kenyan citizens want Somalis out!

    Kenyan twitters are suggesting to expel Somalis out all the Kenya because of the ICJ dispute. I wonder if they are realy serious or know we have atleast 3 million in that country.
  6. Nuur Iidaan

    Kenyan Calaacal is too Funny

    Imagine this much calaacal about Xamar/SFG, and they haven't even sprouted feet yet. :pachah1::russ::deadmanny::drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah: Open season is round the corner for these Kikuyu/Luo fataals. @Armadillo @Apollo Great Lake regions here we come :ahh::lolbron: Make all of East...
  7. S

    Somalia opens offshore licensing round

    LONDON – Somalia is inviting bids for 15 blocks across various basins under the country’s 2019 offshore licensing round. Delegates from the country’s Federal Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources outlined the terms in London last week at an event organized by Spectrum Geo. The...
  8. DRACO

    Sterling Energy Update – Odewayne oil block in Somaliland.

    somaliland:Sterling Energy Update – Odewayne oil block in Somaliland. By Somaliland Sun - 04/25/2018 0 40 Somalilandsun:Sterling Energy issued its interim management statement and financial results for the first quarter ended 31 March on Wednesday, as trial line 2D processing remained ongoing...
  9. Farm

    Somalia’s offshore oil reserves are an estimated 110 billion

    For comparison Nigeria has 38 billion barrels and Libya has 47 billion. Which would place Somalia 5th in oil reserves globally not counting inland reserves. How long do you think it will take to use our resources?
  10. DRACO

    Sanaag/Sahil: oil exploration

    HARGEISA- A Chinese-owned private firm, BGP has signed a contract with Somaliland government to explore oil in Sanaag and Sahil regions. The Energy & Mineral Minister, Hon. Jama Mahmud Egal has inked the deal with BGP to conduct oil exploration by February 2018. The Chinese-owned firm will...
  11. A

    Somalia we got your oil song

    This British piece of shit is singing “somalia we got your oil” while in a war ship in the Somali coast:faysalwtf: Nacalaa the motherfucker is triggering the life out of me:birdman:
  12. Descendent-Of-Fiqi

    Do you consider oil a curse or a blessing?

    Somalia may be an oil producing nation in the near future, so i'm wondering if people think that's a a positive or negative development.
  13. Xooshdheere

    Why the US is really in Somalia

  14. Prince Abubu

    Just how much oil is Somalia rumored to have?

    I'm strictly talking about the regions inside Somalia. @Inquisitive_ @SultanuuFicaan @Canuck
  15. daacad

    Trump protecting somalia?

  16. S

    Ugly inferior Madow city

    The country agolan is still recovering from 27 years of the civil war that plagued the country from its independence in 1975 to 2002. But they have one of the fastest growing economy in the world! They have 39 ethnic groups. Here is a project where they built apartments for 100,000...
  17. Prince Abubu

    The Power Of Oil Money

    My god, this pic looks stunning.:lawd: Most of that money is in the pocket of the few, though.:mjcry: