mixed races beautiful

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Today on my way to the city, I saw the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.
So her mom was a ginger with like really long red hair, fucking tall and really pale. And her dad looked like Somali light skinned but wasn’t Somali, he was like Sudan and something white.
The daughter hade like light skin but a bit of color, freckles and red-blonde curls.
The only reason I noticed them was because the daughter wanted to give me her toy the whole time and the parents started talking to me.

You fked up, Vince McMohan is going to come in here and accuse you (and of course #AllSomaliMen) of fetishizing mixed babies
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Make Hobyo Great Again
What a degenerate thread.
I know you're a half breed but you can't be casually promoting miscegenation like this. Think of the children who are reading!
Race mixing is wrong and freckles are ugly. Long live the Somali master race. Sieg heil Abdullahi Yusuf!


That one dude with the prosthetic arm.
...Holy cow.
Could some you chill out for a minute?
especially ou @Crow , there's no need to insult others dude, also master race?
Ok it's satire.:chrisfreshhah::mjlol:
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