1. Odkac WRLD

    Let’s play: Mehr Monopoly!

    Alright THIS IS A SHITPOST BEENLEEY DONT QASHIN ME TO THE AFTERLIFE I’ve decided to combine three of my favorite things into one post: FKD, Somali culture, and mathematics. A lot of young Somali men are getting married these days , and they will have to pay mehr. how do you know whether you...
  2. Peaches

    Arranged marriage is good, so are casual relationships.

    My immediate thought after watching this is, why not both? see If you have a best friend that you get along with, who shares the same values and world views and economical dreams, why don't you come together under marriage? you don't necessarily have sex or intimate feelings. Just be partners...
  3. CaliTedesse

    I need to get me revert

    Was bored at work so chatted with 2 Pakistani brothers at work. Was really curious suddenly about marriage so asked them how much they paid for meher. Them niggas telling me ,one signed 30k meher and other 50k meher, but they tell me they didn't pay everything up front and will pay gradually as...
  4. AarHawd_7

    Faarax slams average looking Xaaliimo demanding 20-30k Mehr

    I laughed so hard watching this. Look at the dusty Xaaliimo on the far right claiming she wants a 20 to 30k mehr. She even said “that aint too much”. Start from 3:30 I nearly died wallahi :drakelaugh: Wallaahi these girls way waasheen who do they think they are
  5. Suhaib

    Marriage of American Muslim man and Somali girl in Garowe

    Mashallah :2tjlv3e:
  6. TheMadMullah

    My Cousin divorced his wife 4 days into their wedding and he is PISSED OFF!

    I just got a call from my cousins younger bro and he told me his brother divorced his wife only 4 days into their marriage (4 fucking days). Let me break it down for you guys ! So my cousin is a petroleum engineer and got married in Qatar to this xalimo who moved from the U.K. Who is an English...
  7. Prince Abubu

    ISIS nicca makes FBI agent fall in love with him

    FBI translator married Isis recruiter she was meant to be investigating This nicca got game.:mjlol::salute:
  8. Prince Abubu

    Gender Wars Episode V: Attention seeking Xaliimo strikes back

    Now they're comparing us to heavy weight boxers. Xoolahan yaa hadaba ku yidhaah naa orodoo qadoda kari? :drakelaugh: