1. Amber

    Dear sspoters...

    I crave destruction but to those who love me, know I love you too (sorta talking to my lovely admirers, kisses from yours truly)
  2. H

    BEST mother’s day ever

    So this year I decided to go allll out for hoyo macaan : Saved up some $$$ and took her to get her hair dyed a nice coffee colour at a premium salon ( she always wanted this, been telling me for years but never took some time for herself to do it) Booked her a mani + pedicure (those tragic...
  3. Sonder

    Jaceyl (true love)

    Do you believe in it? And if you do, what do you consider to be true love? I was thinking bout this poem about true love and it made me curious about your opinions on it.
  4. vanilla


  5. 486th President


    What is the ideal partner or rather what do you find in a spouse I’ve heard lots of back and forth but I would like to know serious answers only Here’s what I find as the ideal spouse 🥰 Funny Charming Chill Knows how to cook Has a personality Athletic Shorter than me by 2 inches or a bit more...
  6. Abdisamad

    Ladies, suppose you have the three following options

    Suppose you met a guy, after you get to know him you find out he is the man of your dreams, you fall in love. He proposes to you throws you an expensive lavish wedding that would make every xalimo envy you, finally your dream has come true, you are happy madly in love up in the clouds.. After...
  7. L

    Can't Hold Me Down!!

  8. lalayariis

    How do you treat a girl you like vs a girl you consider a friend?

    I’d like to know, I have a lot of questions because I’m denser than a brick apparently.:deadrose:

    Abortion rates fall! Baby boom

    guidelines say medical terminations must occur in hospitals now overwhelmed by the pandemic. the clinics are closed these next few months will see a huge baby boom because doctors cannot kill them in the womb. People wanting a abortion I'll give you my perspective as a straight muslim I...
  10. lalayariis

    A solution for all your problems

    Let’s face it, a lot of you guys are lonely during quarantine, and probably without it anyways because your game sucks. In order to have a halal way to cope, I found the best solution for you all. An AI that you can talk to, and ends up flirting with you after a little...
  11. CaliTedesse

    Just want to take this time to say

    I love my Somali people. Wallahi. No matter what happens. In the long run you always see, it's Somalis who are there to support you no matter what. One of the most funniest people to be around, most lovable people, sometimes harsh and annoying, but it's all worth it. Wallahi would the Lord give...
  12. Medulla

    Am I a simp?

    I would treat my girl twice as good as I'd want to be treated. Exactly one year and 7 months later, I'd arrange a "just because" lovers day out with her. I'd tell her I have so many surprises in store for her. I'd leave early and arrange a scavenger hunt of notes, directing her from place to...
  13. musicvegan

    A change of pace from what's going on in the world here's mine whats yours

    1Party has been successful in realizing hit songs that will fight for the people to have an open mind, provide relief from all stress, and make people feel good. The group aims at bringing about a positive change like anti-bully and an all-good mindset. In the form of music, 1Party covers all...
  14. L


    I AM a Hedonist! I Love Feeling Good and Pursuing Pleasure! Sweet Dido, I Love you!
  15. L

    LoveandLight is a National Hero!

    I AM a National Hero! My many years of Advocating for the Rights of Animals, Women, Babies and Children has made this so. Blessed be the Day LoveandLight was Born! How many Babies and Children have been Protected as a result of my Relentless Advocacy Work? LoveandLight the Liberator
  16. S

    Fell in love with a fob

    I haven’t confessed to him but I cant believe I like someone from back home. He is so sweet kind and respectful. And so unlike the typical freshies. Considering he has lived in Kenya for some time that may be a factor as to why he is quite “modern”He is a good friend. And for some reason I’ve...
  17. Odkac WRLD

    Best day of my life hands down

    I mentioned I wanted to pursue medical school, but now I realize this would take too long. I entered Computer Engineering for the money to be honest. Internships were great made good friends at the officer, and no one treated me lesser even though I was younger than even the freshest interns I...
  18. Odkac WRLD

    Minor MB life update

    I just found the love of my life. Different state though :bell: That’s all. What are your thoughts on love in the Somali community? Do we show enough affection How do you girls prefer to be approached, if approached at all?
  19. CaliTedesse

    Please make du3a for me brother and sisters

    May Allah SWT ease all your hardships my brother and sisters of Somalispot. Amiin. I have a very busy intensive week ahead of me. Some du3a's from my brother's and sisters fi Deen would do me good. :it0tdo8:
  20. Medulla

    What will you do on valentines day?

    For those of you with partners have you planned your day out already? All you unloved apes what's your plans still going to simp on that day? If you want to declare your love to me, now would be a great time since I'm about to catch feelings here so before that happens you got a chance. I won't...