1. Thegoodshepherd

    British expert explains the SSC-Somaliland conflict

  2. G

    Should the North dissolve SL?

    Real talk. No tribalism. Should the North meet with the South on dissolving both RSL and FGS or creating a new entity SUPERIOR to both SL and FGS? So both FGS and RSL continue to exist for the south and north, respectively under a new union government?
  3. Kezira

    Secessionists Jeegaan will never reach aqoonsi

  4. Suhaib

    Excerpts from the 1990's

    USC Spokesman on Mogadishu Battle, Future PlansLondon BBC World Service in English December 31, 1990, 1709 GMT [From the “Focus on Africa” program] Well, as you heard, the group claiming responsibility for much of the military success against Somali Government troops is the United Somali...
  5. Cumar

    Somaliland community receives 5000 acres of land in Naivasha, Kenya

    Well done to my brothers in Kenya. :samwelcome: @Gadiid @Hybrid @waraabe @Gucci mane @Lancer @Saalax Bidaar @Prince Abubu
  6. O

    Eastleigh: What's in a name?

    Just copied the relevant parts of the article. You can read the rest here: However, throughout all this history there was a constant Somali presence in the estate. Indeed, Somali settlement in Eastleigh is not new...
  7. S

    Somaliland's economy is becoming cheap.

    Somehow 10,000 SL is equivalent to 1 Dollar. 2 years ago 6,000 SL was 1 dollar. So right now everything got cheaper. Such a shit economic :lol;
  8. Karim

    Cali KHaliif Reveals the BIGGEST SECRET of them ALL.

  9. Karim

    Guurtida Somaliland supports New Federal state khatumo of Somaliland

  10. Karim

    BREAKING: Hassan Ali Kheyre picks his cabinet. FULL LIST and their CLANS.

    BEESHA DAAROOD. 1- Cabdi Faarax Juxa Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha, ( Majeerteen , Ciise Maxmuud). 2- C/raxmaan Xoosh Jibriil Wasiirka Dastuurka, Leelkase. 3- Amb. Jamaal Hassan Wasiirka Qorsheynta iyo iskaashiga Caalamiga, Daarood, Warsangeli. 4- Maxamed C/llaahi Salaad Wasiirka Gaadiidka Cirka iyo...