1. Manafesto

    Desperate Somali American women with 7 kids from previous marriage wants to use her Western passport to find young man

    :mjlol::pachah1: Halimo Americans are getting desperate walahi, if you are Somali American and you propose to these women here they would automatically turn you down and claim you are player or you have other wife on top of asking you pay insane amount of meher money plus covering her bills but...
  2. Manafesto

    WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. Muslim Somali model Halima Aden has been selected as one of the top '100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021'

  3. Manafesto

    WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. A Somali Girl Wants to travel all over the world using a Somali Passport

    Not bad looking. I wonder how many countries she would make it to before a Farah knocks her up.:sass2: :whoo:
  4. 486th President

    Milkshake Or Mustard?

    @Halimo Supremist I never understood why you did this... like why ask this filthy question? Mustard is litteral Trash :snoop: Smh may you find peace in that brain of yours:mjkkk:
  5. The Somali Caesar

    What is the obession for Halimos to make YouTube videos?

    You know when Arab pagans used to bury their daughters alive out of pride. I now fully understand their point. I’m not saying we should do the same but I’m just putting that out there :mjdontkno: :sass1:
  6. Zach

    Halimos getting crazy