1. alien

    GENETICS Somali Genes

    Somali genes are weak af. I have 4 cousins that are Indian/somali mix - Hyderabadi/Daarod mix that speak urdu and all 4 of the children came out light Indian skin. Like fair skin indian. Only one of them had curly hair and it was 3c hair and the rest had Indian straight hair. They barely look...
  2. M

    GENETICS T-Y45591 migration into the Horn of Africa

    The most popular hypothesis is that it arrived via South Arabians due to proximity and archeological findings in Somaliland showing the remains of South Semitic peoples. However, I think maybe the progenitor of the T-haplogroup Somalis might've come from North Arabian speaking populations: 1)...
  3. E

    GENETICS What is Known About YDNA Haplogroup T (T-CTS2214)

    I am Ethiopian, but my YDNA is within T1a1a1a, which is common among northern Somalis,not much among Ethiopians. What is known about this haplogroup?
  4. Factz

    Donald Trump is a Eugenist

    This guy is my favourite president by far after Puntin. He's so fucking hilarious but I agree with him that certain people are blessed with genetics like me for example who is tall, intelligent and strong. Some people don't have that so I guess you can call me a geneticist and I agree with...
  5. HuunoHunter

    Is it halal to give away my geeljire genes?

    Got a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor, mid wa cadaan mida kale na wa madow. Both want to be impregnated by me. I have been practicing nofap for 4 weeks and I was like why not just donate a part of me. At least my genes are going to survive after my demise. @Bidaar Wanagsan Grand...
  6. Thegoodshepherd

    GENETICS Scientists find 52 genes linked to intelligence The study was done on European samples and does not cover other populations. A very funny thing that I can see coming in the next decade and half, as intelligence is deciphered, is that most variants that...