1. 2

    DaBaby steals song from Canadian Xalimo

    Toronto-based artist and songwriter Layla Hendryx isn’t particularly a fan of oft-embroiled rapper DaBaby. She says she had only become aware that he had just released a song whose chorus sounded strikingly similar to elements of an unreleased track of hers (of the same name) because it was...
  2. Qeelbax

    GEELJIRE ARAGTI CHRONICLES!!! Best way to get rid of Amahara FOR GOOD!

    1. Have all xalimos become transgender FtM 2. Have them go and cut off all the amhara dacks 3. Become detrans and go on r/detrans and make up a story 4. Sins erased. 5. No dicks equal no more procreation. Their women will die out or h0e around with ajnabi 6. Somalis had nothing to do with the...
  3. Boogie

    Are beards genetic

    If so maternally or paternally :gaasdrink: :cosbyhmm:
  4. pablo

    Ancient Kingdom Of Sam’al

    There was a kingdom called Sam’al in ancient turkey, the language they spoke was called samalian and that was what the people were called too. Eventually it was taken over by the Neo-Assyrian empire. Coincidence :cosbyhmm: what do you think? Who are these high IQ imposters:wtf...
  5. Marshall D Abdi

    Somali Warrior habesh then karbaash afghan

    Geejire blood runs through him he saves the habeshit
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Kidnapped 14 year old Nigerian-Canadian boy from Toronto found safe and sound !

    KIDNAPPED BOY IN TORONTO IS SAFE Shammah Jolayemi is safe and in his parents custody. I hear he was taken by geeljires? Either way kidnapping a 14 year old? 68 at its finest alhamdullilah the boy is safe but he looks like he has been through stuff. After Toronto police released a message...
  7. pablo


    Most of the likes are from xalimos
  8. CanIDimo

    What is somali culture??

    i see so much posts on this forum,under youtube videos, on social media about how Somalis are losing their culture in the west and back home to "Wahhabi" arabanization amd westernization The question i want to ask it what the hell is Somali culture?? :drakewtf:is it just being able to speak...
  9. AarHawd_7

    Canadian Anjabis using Somali words.

    At 1:00 I got my mad malis with me and they in tha cut And they got no heart nigga they dont give a f*ck They walk up on you and let that semi buss Ayyyy :damnmusic::damnmusic: 2:18 Goo OT selling cuntoo selling geeedoooo @Gucci mane @Factz @Pureblood waryaadaheeen ma madowgii ayaad...
  10. Yasfa


  11. AarHawd_7

    Canadian Xaaliimo goes back home and marries a reer Kismaayo Geeljire.

    Maa shaa Allah, Ilaahay nolosha farxad iyo ubad khayr qaba ha inagu wadaajiyo. Good Xaaliimo, take notes
  12. K

    The hairline chart. (Geeljires GTFIH!!)

    How's your hairline abiihin waase? Is any of u Geeljiroids balding or do u have a full set of hair? Which one are u on the chart and state your age. Btw I dare u niggaz to post a pic of your hairlines :siilaanyolaugh: @Factz @Sheikh @World @yaanyuur @nine @Subeer @Shushue @Defendant @Abdalla...
  13. A

    should Somalis use Geeljire instead of “nigga”?

    should Somalis use Geeljire instead of “nigga”? We should use Geeljire because we are Geeljire nation (and No Geeljire does Not mean for those non Somalis). Examples: What’s up my geeljire. My geeljires geeljires ** motherfucking geeljires.
  14. HuunoHunter

    Is it halal to give away my geeljire genes?

    Got a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor, mid wa cadaan mida kale na wa madow. Both want to be impregnated by me. I have been practicing nofap for 4 weeks and I was like why not just donate a part of me. At least my genes are going to survive after my demise. @Bidaar Wanagsan Grand...
  15. Waxwaalan

    what age did u have your first kiss?

    c'mon don't be shy. i know us geeljires in the west get it down with atleast dhunkasho :siilaanyosmile: i'll say mine after 5 replies :dabcasar::ayaanswag: