Archbishop Of Qoomuluud's Coming Out Party!

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This nigga came out as batty in another thread
Naya go back to the kitchen or posting selfies on Instagram. Afka ha igu sootaagin mise waxaad ku aamustaan kuu galinaya
He starts off by asking @leeroy jenkins to suck his dick:susp:

No dumbass. He'd be blowing me, making him gay. Sida wax loo akhriyo baro. Waan isaga aamusiinlaha
Then he doubles down and claims that it doesn't make him gay but the dick sucker gay :gucciwhat::drakelaugh:

Nope, it's humiliating for the nigga doing it. Ok I'm leaving so stop replying to me. If I check my inbox, I'm gonna respond :lolbron:
Sheekadu wadaa khaniiska:mjlol:
is @TooMacaan a girl? A shemale would work just fine (to get head from). There's no ass play on the schedule
He solidifies his battyness by admitting to giving trannies head nacalaa.

Ileen this nigga became atheist for the dick IMG_6219.GIFIMG_6219.GIFIMG_6219.GIF

Not open for further replies.