1. Calaami

    Ciyaal Weero gang murder a young dugsi macalin

    Brother Mowliid (AUN) was a learned man in the Deen (seems his father was as well) and taught it to others, mashaaAllah. Today he was murdered by Ciyaal-Weero in the Karaan district. The govt must use gacan adag against these hooligans


    Mums yard bricked by silly youths just when i was tryna change :frdfvsb: now its back 2 the streets I hate this life wallah if i could leave it i would. :fredo: this means war
  3. NoSafety

    Xalimo dances to OFB gang music: "I got beef with the Malis"

    OFB gang killed Somalis and targets them. The song she's bopping to has a part that says "I swear I got beef with the malis cus they're tryna take over the town".
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Somalis stay the f away from Chicago

    :mjlol: :mjlol: I was doing a visit to family in Chicago last summer, and up until going I thought it was a nice place to go. I knew there was a lotta gang activity but I thought it was only in one area. Nope :mjlol: My cousins on my moms side were showing me around the neighborhood and wanted...
  5. IftiinOfLife

    Most Somali Diaspora's (born in the diaspora) are dead/in the gutter

    Truly think about it. Have you? I spoke with an old friend recently from the old neighborhood, and most of the somalis we grew up with are either dead or in jail, or doing so shitty they might as well be dead. Like a dude I know who dropped out of college/uni his parents forced him to marry a...
  6. lalayariis

    Somali Parents Don’t Know How To Raise Their Kids

    My Hooyo is one of the only parents I know that screams at their children for leaving the house and questions them, calling the parents of whosever they are hanging out with and basically breathing down their necks. She doesn’t segregate by gender either, and only now lets my 18 year old brother...
  7. Geeljire Sandheer

    Which flavour of es is your favourite.

    Mine is Somali arab white . What is your favorite flavour. Choose your flavours.
  8. sanger

    Warlord supporters

    People that support warlords? Are the lot of you mentally retarded? How are you going to support someone's candidacy when they have a bad track record. Surely you there is something wrong in your heads? The thread is not limited to the warlords of the south. Supporters of Bixi and co are also...
  9. sanger

    Confession: I am a mooryaan too

    f*ck it here we go. [/SPOILER]