1. Tukraq

    ilhan Omar support trending on twitter worldwide

    #istandwithilhan is trending worldwide on twitter right now and some sspoters were hating while she becomes universally known
  2. Guts

    Somali oday in kenya does something unexpected...

    Since when did odayaals learn how to dance :gucciwhat::pachah1::russ: Instead of freeing themselves siju's decide to dance to Madow music :damn::drakewtf:
  3. Guts

    Mogadishu have their own Kaaba now...

    Subxanallah they are so poor they had to open up their own Kaaba inside mogadishu, this is plain jahiilnimo and islam doesn't allow us to do such things :wtf::drakewtf: look at this miskeen :damn::lolbron:all dressed and ready to perform Al mogadishu hajj:dead:
  4. Nuur Iidaan

    Drop the funniest videos you've ever seen

    I'll start. I remember seeing this like 2 years ago, and the way the man screams still makes me laugh to this day. The nigga was so petrified he tried to use the old lady as a human shield. :drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah::russ::pachah1:
  5. S

    Dating Sim (Otome)

    I emerged from my woman cave in search of something edible. While in the kitchen my mother pulled me aside. For the first time since ever, she told me I was getting old. I was gobsmacked. A lady who told me to keep away from fiends was now consenting to me throwing myself at their feet. I was...
  6. A

    Funny USA Xalimo

    2:45:drakelaugh::drakelaugh: 0:45 0:45 Anyone who has Twitter should post this one up, guaranteed retweets. This girl is too funny wallahi. 2:49 She even makes some decent change Think I found you a wife my guy @Jake from State Farm
  7. S

    The Misadventures of Ashy Abdi

    You've gotta love SSpot!
  8. hobaal

    Official SomaliSpot couples

    this is based on the few observations I’ve done @Ferrari and @VixR @World and @NA9 @Daughter of samaale and @Hilowle @Gucci mane and his stereoids @R.Kelly and his clickbait threads @RichEnoughForGucci and @AarHawd_7 @Jerome in the house and @Basra continue the pairings thank you
  9. L

    Hilarious - Nigerians asked about Somali's

    :deadpeter::deadpeter: Nigerians are the funniest people on earth (after us of course).
  10. BankaTuyo

    A Bad Lip Reading of the White House Press Briefing.

    This funniest the YouTube channel has done so far. :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa:
  11. H


    Look at the video. Not one girl can spell in Somali it looks like an epic fail
  12. H

    Guys support our YouTube channel please xx

    We do challenges, talk about interesting topics everything!! Help us take our channel to the next level by subscribing, liking & commenting please & thank you
  13. H


    Can they spell in Somali? I think no
  14. H


    JAMAICAN GIRL EATING SOMALI FOOD. her Reaction is so funny
  15. L

    Guy claims to be Allah, the Prophet (pbuh) and the Mahdi all at once

  16. Sheikh

    Uncle Dabz's top ten funny moments of 2018.

    Number 5 is my favorite too qosol wallahi. Dabz vs Trump. Marehan vs America. '' We are a great tribe that knows how to fight'' - Dabz. :salute: ''And we don't want to become enemies for America and American people'' - Dabz. ''Allahu ku nacalaad'' - Dabz. :cryinglaughsmiley: Come in all...
  17. L

    3rd generation Somali's be like...

  18. SadioMane

    Do white people butcher your name?

    I always have to repeat my name ten times to white people. Then I have to spell out another 10x. I remember in school new teachers would be calling out the register and then fall silent on my name! I mean how hard is it to pronounce: Culusow Cabdiraxiim? Do white people mess up your names?
  19. Idil-Beydaan

    Vintage somali comedy/Majaajilo oo berigi hore, reer xamar kaaleya!

    gorme dhalatay sanadka habartey ii dhashey aa dhashay :russ: somali nicknames at 4.00 axmed makarooni nur burjiko nasra aniga miyaa fawzia acuudu barliin baq iyo biyo aasiya feero weyn :liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears::damn: :pachah1: waryaa adheer ii dheh...
  20. Idil-Beydaan

    What's Your Irrational Fear/Hate?