1. The Somali Caesar


    Chunkz is a real one :westbrookswag:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    This how I’m gonna be as a dad

    I’m gonna be a cool dad one day Inshallah :banderas:
  3. The Somali Caesar

    Types of Parents at Parent’s Evening

    I can so relate :mjlol: :pachah1:
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Girl talks about her “traumatic” experience with losing her V-Card

    The guy did her dirty and scarred her for life :mjlol: :pachah1:
  5. The Somali Caesar

    Those kids ain’t mine... They’re white

    Oldie but a goodie :mjlol::pachah1:
  6. Milano Ahmed

    Calling in “sick” to places you don’t work

    The guy is just taking the piss. Can I go take a day off to go fishing kulaha :mjlol:
  7. Milano Ahmed

    What it’s like to have a step-brother

    :pachah1: :mjlol:
  8. Milano Ahmed

    Nigga express he’s heartbroken

    “A Human heart cost $442,000 and I gave you mine for free” :dead:
  9. Milano Ahmed

    How women be after they finish cheating

    Him: What are you telling your man, when you be leaving in the morning like that? Her: I’m gonna tell him I’m going to the grocery store. I’m a good girl Him: You’re doing something good over here :mjpls::ahh::pachah1:
  10. Milano Ahmed

    Can I take your girl on a date for $30K edition

    The funny thing is he actually for a split second he was like hell yeah. Watch his girlfriend reaction she was pissed:pachah1:
  11. The Somali Caesar

    When you sleep through your alarm

    I can so related to this video. Every work day morning is a struggle :francis: :mjcry:
  12. Milano Ahmed

    Niggas from the hood suck basic maths 😂😂

    Very self explanatory video :pachah1:
  13. Milano Ahmed

    Man sues his parents for being born without consent

    Wallahi we live in a fucked up world. A man suing his own parents for them simply bringing him into this world “without consent”. That’s the funny part how could a sperm cell or a fetus even give consent :mjlol:
  14. Milano Ahmed

    Niggas from the hood have a phobia to the color pink 🤣

    It’s self explanatory :mjlol:
  15. Milano Ahmed

    Dr Dre’s wife demands $2 million a month WTF 😱

    She took my boy Dre to the cleaners:snoop::damn:
  16. Milano Ahmed

    This video made me laugh

    The video is self explanatory :mjlol:
  17. Abdisamad

    Post a corny pick up line

    Ok I'll start with some funny moves. 1. Girl my shoes are worn out because I've been chasing you all night in my dream 2. When I look at the moon I see your beautiful face smiling at me 3. Girl they should ban you because your beauty is addictive 4. Girl slow down for a minute, Your booty is...
  18. The Somali Caesar

    I keep getting Spam texts on my phone

    I get these random “alerts” on my phone saying that I “deposited” £1000 to company X and they say if this isn’t correct we need to verify your bank details :mjlol: Or another example my “mobile provider” saying there’s an error in my payment and you guess it they want me to “verify” my bank...
  19. The Somali Caesar

    Nigga gets back at his cheating girlfriend like a boss

    His girl ran back to the streets where she belongs:mjlol::pachah1:
  20. 486th President

    The Funniest Video On The Internet

    Bruh this sh*t is goated fam why is this so accurate he’s a good actor I’ll give him that 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂